Petco and Animal Planet’s Tanked Present: My First Tank – Selecting Your Fish

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Wayde and Brett from ATM (Acrylic Tank Manufacturing) and Animal Planet’s hit show Tanked join Petco in showing you how to choose the right type of fish for your tank size! This episode focuses on choosing the right fish for your freshwater or saltwater tank as well as choosing fish that are compatible.

With over 100 years of collective experience in the aquarium industry, the people of ATM are highly skilled in the design, manufacture and installation of custom aquarium systems.

Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. A unique bond is formed that results in something powerful, not only between pets and people, but in a way that makes the world a better place. Our promise is to nurture that relationship completely – mind and body.

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The Power of Together
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  • Rose 1 year ago

    Just picked up a male shubunkin goldfish from my local Petco yesterday! He's beautiful and I'm really excited to be setting up his final tank.

  • Tristan Beligan 1 year ago

    Can't put mollies in a 4 gallon tank. Way too small. They need to be in a minimum of 15-20 gallons

  • Oscar Agustin 1 year ago

    I seen this guys shows in animal planet their good at making tanks after i join the army i wanna buy a house and have a tank but wish they could help me make it i just dont know how to contact them or anything o.o

  • LSD4CHAIN8AW 1 year ago

    Are yellow tang in a 37 gallon tank
    And they're supposed to be professionals I wouldn't put a yellow tang in a 50 gallon tank

  • Kevin Durrenberger 1 year ago

    My fiance and I want to start a 55 gallon reef tank 

  • Chris Craft (Christopher Crafter) 1 year ago


  • arturo luna 1 year ago

    What fresh water fish can you put in a tank together

  • Christina Smith 1 year ago

    i wonder how much coffee these guys have had

  • Amélia Fagundes 1 year ago

    This was a very helpful video! I loved the tip about the swimming levels, thank you, Petco!

  • Layla Santanello 1 year ago

    how much fish can you but in a 15 galon tank

  • Bear Kai 1 year ago

    I have apet giby and so did my brother but his died.:)

  • norman littles 1 year ago

    min. tank size is overrated as long as the water quality is good and you take good care of the fish they will be happy and healthy

  • Raquel Barnard 1 year ago

    One time, when i was at Petco, the "Sales Associate" told me that newts are baby salamanders.

  • Mustafa Khan 1 year ago

    Do more

  • Mustafa Khan 1 year ago


  • Red koi 1 year ago

    TANG POLICE !!!!!!!!! A tang in a 37 gallon! Not to mention it is with 3 other fish.Tangs need at least 55 gallons for one.

  • FishTankArmy 1 year ago

    A yellow tang in a 37 gallon… And these guys are supposed to be specialists 

  • alta white 1 year ago


  • zeler00 1 year ago

    Love those guys

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