Fishing with Amazon Natives: Back to Basics | River Monsters

Some Amazon natives fish with very rudimentary gear. Jeremy Wade attempts to earn their respect by reeling in a meal-worthy fish. | For more River Monsters visit

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  • Edward Leyva 1 year ago

    Nice video

  • mark fleming 1 year ago
  • ROMAIN WHITE 1 year ago

    What do they mean they weren't impress, THATS A BIG FISH, food to feed a family of 10

  • David Tran 1 year ago

    Haha, at 1:48 the natives are not impressed. "I've seen bigger…", they said.

  • hopkin104 1 year ago

    I don't believe he caught the right fish for this episode. The burn marks still don't make sense to me.

  • Samantha Smith 1 year ago


  • Master Hughes 1 year ago

    ya he let the fish go while every one else in the boat was hoping for a meal.

  • Norma Eutimio 1 year ago

    LOL ♥♥

  • remelsheikh 1 year ago

    I dont think there is another fisherman out there like Jeremy. He is the pinnacle of a true fisherman. 

  • Miss_Arabia 1 year ago

    It's amazing to have a natural life like the natives amazonian <3

  • nandalal108 1 year ago

    Fishing with Amazon Natives.  

  • reggaetime clt 1 year ago

    Jeremy is so amazing! and very seldom does he need a translator. I can't imagine how many languages and dialects he speaks. He is the master extreme fisherman.I don't enjoy fishing at all, but love to hear him talk about all the places he's been and all the cool people he's met.

  • Maria Colombo 1 year ago


  • Mitchell D 1 year ago

    Huge fish in those waters. Wow.

  • Animal Planet 1 year ago

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