Animal Documentary National Geographic: TRAITOR TIGRESS – A Dynasty Broken |FULL Tiger Documentary|

Animal / Tiger documentary National Geographic.
The Queen Tiger will be replaced: Who will be the next ruler? The enemy is in the family.
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  • Deepika Corneille (Dee) 1 year ago

    Amazing documentary …..kept me engaged from the start to the finish…..Nature has given the human race alot to ponder about… …This was simply superb…

  • Fuladq 1 year ago

    Yeah!!! That's what you get B**TCH at 39:00, for kicking your own family out of your sight!!! What's goes around comes around lol.

  • Nol King 1 year ago

    fuck everybody's lion vs tiger rivalry jaguars are the best

  • just sunny 1 year ago

    Tigers are back stabbing wimps. They don't like to fight one another. Lions fight each other to death.

  • Ryan Walker 1 year ago

    Tigers Would Not Last A Day In Africa.

  • ProfessorFang1 1 year ago

    Sadly Satra (T17) went missing in 2013 leaving 2 cubs, who are thankfully alive and well thanks to the forest dept. Her sister Unnis now controls the lake area and mother Machli is still going, but having to be fed by rangers as she has now lost all her killing teeth.

  • A.M. Arteaga 1 year ago

    00:28 that sounded an awful lot like a lion!

  • Stephanie Francois 1 year ago

    Lions are much more better

  • Aryan Yashpal 1 year ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • WhatStef 1 year ago

    I like this Game of Thrones better.

  • Josephinachristina wernke 1 year ago

    INDIA         The Traitor Tigress – A  Dynasty Broken

  • Anthony Uk 1 year ago

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  • bojack335 1 year ago

    wtf ? overly dramatic

  • Rigo Pineda 1 year ago

    Tigers are the best big cats of all

  • Rigo Pineda 1 year ago


  • MrTorsionist 1 year ago

    Lions suk tigers rule

  • 1lovetiger 1 year ago

    Such a beautiful tigers documentary. She was great tigress queen "Machiavelli" . The male tiger is a real gangster look the way he walks, lol

  • Minecraftpro 0413 1 year ago

    Tigers are amazing and beautiful.

  • Minecraftpro 0413 1 year ago


  • nia habeeb-ullah 1 year ago

    Tigers are sexy. More sexy than lions….sorry if anyone disagrees

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